Introducing KeepItSafe®.

DataProtect are delighted to announce our strategic partnership with KeepItSafe® who are on a mission to protect your customers’ data, 24/7, from anything — natural disasters, cyber theft, human error, system corruption. If disaster does strike, we’re there — at a moment’s notice — to restore everything.

KeepItSafe® is a premium, white-glove service for online backup, disaster recovery and business continuity — and one of the only global recovery providers awarded IS0 27001 certification for information security management.

With KeepItSafe’s fully managed and monitored approach, your data is proactively protected 24/7. Our suite of backup and recovery solutions will protect your business’s entire digital footprint — and, should you ever lose any data, have you back up and running in no time.

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Cloud Backup starting at just €49.95/mo.

Restore lost data with a click of a button, with 24/7 support and super quick deployment.

Big Features. Unrivalled Functionality.

Our Partner Plans have been customised to offer features unmatched by other providers. We can provide dedicated backup servers with complete administration
control and API access. Our backup infrastructure has been built from the ground up using state of the art hardware and world leading backup software.

Secure Encryption

All data is compressed and encrypted before leaving your computer. Data is transferred over SSL connection to our servers. We do not hold encryption keys and we cannot access customer data.

Your Own Domain

As part of our White Labelling you can use your own domain name i.e This strengthend your brand with your clients.

Control Panel

The Partner Control Panel gives you an easy way to manage all of your clients. Create backup accounts, adjust quotas and manage backup reports - all through one easy to use interface

Flexible Scheduling

Create multiple schedules for your backup.. Schedule onsite and offsite backups to work Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, or One-Time.

Branded software. Branded control panel.

Our cloud backup service is completely transparent. The backup software and web interface are completely brandable with your company's name,
logos, domain name and contact details.

No hardware investment costs.

Whether you require 300 GB of shared storage on our SAN or several TB of high availability storage on a private SAN, we have a solution for you. There are no start-up costs to get your cloud backup business running.

No Advance Deposit Required

You can become a partner by signing up to one of our partner plans. With prices from just €75 per month it's easy to get started. No upfront deposit is required!

Solid Infrastructure. Unrivalled compatiblility.

We designed, own and manage our complete infrastructure. It was built from the ground up using only enterprise level hardware.


Enterprise Level HP Blade Servers

Our HP C7000 blade enclosure have16x HP Blade servers operating in a High Availability and Load Balanced Cluster with every aspect of hardware protectd by at least N+1 redundancy.

Virtualised VMware Environment

Our entire infrastructure is virtualised using VMware and HP Virtual Connet technology to deliver the highest levels of availability and ease of management.


Security is paramount and we secure our networks with powerful edge firewalls. We use DDOS mitigation on both ingress and egress traffic to contain and prevent Denial of Service attacks from affecting service availability.


Our SANs use HP MDL SATA Storage backed by SSD Cache across multiple HP Lethand storage shelves with Raid10 for redundancy. Whether you require 300 GB of shared storage or several TB of high availability storage on a private SAN we have a solution.

Full HP and Cisco 10Gbe Network

Our network runs on Cisco and HP Virtual Connect technology with N+1 redundancy at every level including switches, firewalls, edge routers, data centre uplinks, server downlinks and 10Gb iScsi Multipathing at the storage layer providing up to 40Gb/s per blade to the SAN.


Our clusters are monitored 24/7 and are highly automated so a blade server failure will not result in an outage of your Backup Server. If a hardware node fails our management servers automatically reboot any running VMs on another node in the cluster in 30-60 seconds.

Common OS Support


Our Online Backup Manager (OBM) client can run on the latest versions of all common operating systems such as Windows, MAC OS X and Linux.
We also include support for Netware, Unix, and other platfroms that support Java.


The online backup software runs on all versions of Windows from Windows NT to Server 2012. Full support for PC versions upto Windows 8.


Our cloud backup software runs on all versions of Linux that support Java.
E.G. Red Hat, Gentoo and Ubuntu.


We provide full support for all the latest MAC OSX operating systems


VMware & Hyper V

Our software supports the backing up of Microsofts Hyper-V and VMware ESX/ESXi virtualisation platforms.


What our Customers are saying

Dataprotect is paramount to PCtechnix and our clients.
We take online backup serious and so do they.